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Beeswax Candles

We love candles, but we want to be sure that what we are inhaling isn't doing our family harm. These hand pour beeswax candles are safe for your family. Read about the benefits below, you might just be pleasantly surprised:)

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Benefits of Beeswax Candles

Purifys Yours Air

Bees wax candles emit negative ions into the air to clean your air. Now how neat is that?

Improved Sleep

Sleep is extremely important for healing and resetting all physiological function in the body. A plus for everyone! 

Beautiful Presentation

We oh so delicately pour the beeswax into beautiful, colored & embossed  8oz and 10 oz glassware. We just made natural a lot more fun for you! Enjoy!!

Reduces Indoor Allergens

This is huge especially during allergy season. We definitely give a thumbs up for this one!

No Lead Wicks

Hmmm, did someone say lead on a wick? Who's great idea was that? Thank goodness we are lead free!

Natural & Fragranced

Natural is great and the best for us, but for those that still would like a little fragrance, we have that for you too. It's still all non-toxic, so don't worry!

Natural and Non-toxic

Beeswax is as natural as it gets. It does not contain any toxins, formaldehyde or lead. Pure as nature intended. That makes us happy:)

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